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Dual Slip Table

Dual Slip Table Solution

In response to customer requests Dongling has developed a single shaker and head expander with dual slip table solution that provides a great solution for the vibration lab that requires more flexibility and wants to keep capital costs in check.  The entire vibration test system is mounted on a single customized base for stability, consistency and durability. This solution allows the lab to adjust the system depending on the test requirements.  One slip table is larger and is great for larger test articles and tests that require less acceleration.  The 2nd slip table is smaller in size and is capable of higher acceleration. An additional benefit of the smaller table is lower energy consumption when the larger table isn’t required. As with all slip tables the test article can easily be rotated so the article can be tested in each of the X,Y and Z directions.

Electrodynamic Shaker with 2 different sized slip tables from Dongling Technologies.
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