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Slip Tables

Slip Table Series

Typical Applications


Electrodynamic vibration shaker systems can be equipped with a slip table to execute vibration tests in three dimensions. The overall load capacity can be improved thanks to the smaller carrier (table) weight of the slip table which allows for the test object to be larger and have greater mass. The slip table can be divided into an integrated type or a split type based on your test requirements.  Dongling slip tables have your choice of three different guidance methods which are GT, BT and TBT series. The GT series is a V-shaped guidance. The BT series uses hydrostatic bearings for guidance and the TBT series uses a medium-pressure rail guidance system.
A vibration test system equipped with a slip table can carry out X, Y and Z-direction vibration tests for parts or for the entire assembled test article. The vibration test system can also be combined with a temperature and humidity test chamber to form an integrated environmental testing system.
Area and thickness of slip plate determine the performance capabilities of the system and also affect the upper frequency limit of the table. Slip tables can be incorporated into any shaker test system and can be designed in many sizes and configurations.  Dongling has delivered and installed slip tables smaller than 12 inches square or 12 inches in diameter.  Dongling has also delivered slip tables more than 13 feet square. Customized sized and shaped slip tables are available or you can choose from our standard sizes.

Customized insert patterns will be incorporated into the slip table based on  your requirements.  The insert pattern can be a typical 2″ on center design or can be customized to match your existing fixtures and jigs.

Electrodynamic shaker with large slip table
Slip table addition for existing electrodynamic shaker vibration test system Dongling Technologies

Integrated Design

Integrated design refers to the incorporation of the slip table and vibration shaker into a single test system which shares a single base. This solution is far superior to a multi-component system with weak and unstable connection points. The integrated slip table and shaker combination features excellent stiffness as well as easy installation and commissioning.  The Dongling integration of these 2 critical components is unique and patents have been filed for this design.

Electrodynamic shaker with slip table from Dongling Technologies.

Convertible Slip Table

An efficient use of a single base provides the ability to rotate the slip table to the most convenient orientation for your test.  This slip table converts from a long and narrow orientation to a short and wide orientation on a single base. The convertible slip table is extremely useful when testing long test articles. With this shaker and slip table configuration there is no need to spend the money on a much larger slip table to accommodate those long objects in the horizontal axis.  This solution converts quickly and easily.

Electrodynamic shaker with convertible slip table Dongling
Electrodynamic Shaker vibration test system with convertible slip table Dongling Technologies

Dual Slip Table

Vibration testing solutions require versatility and this solution provides just that.  Dongling has designed a vibration test system equipped with two sets of horizontal slip tables on a single base.  One slip table is larger and the other smaller in order to perform the large specimen, low acceleration test and the small specimen, high acceleration test.  The shaker is able to rotate 180° and connect to either slip table.

This is a great way to solve the problem of limited capital for new equipment.

Electrodynamic Shaker with 2 different sized slip tables from Dongling Technologies.

GT Series V-Type Bearing Guide

The V-shaped guide rail slip table consists of the horizontal table, V-shaped rail, connectors, granite slab, slip table base, and built-in oil source. The built-in fuel supply pump features compact structure and easy operation. The number and length of the V-Shaped guide rails is dependent on the size and shape of the slip table which can be customized for your unique requirements. The V-shaped guide rail has a high overturning moment.

V Shaped Bearing for Slip Table for electrodynamic shakers from Dongling Technologies

BT Series – Hydrostatic Bearing Guide

The hydrostatic bearing slip table consists of the horizontal table, hydrostatic guideway, connectors, granite slab, slip table base, and independent hydrostatic oil source. Hydrostatic guideway provides higher resistance to overturning moments which is suitable for testing large-load specimens. Slip tables with a larger number of hydrostatic guideways have a higher resistance to overturning moments.

Hydrostatic Bearing For Slip Table by Dongling Technologies.

TBT Series – Medium Pressure Bearing Guide

The medium-pressure rail slip table consists of horizontal table, medium-pressure rail, connectors, slip table base and independent medium-pressure oil source. Medium-pressure rail guidance has excellent dynamic performance and each bearing has its own set of feedback. Other features are its with excellent parallel operation performance and simple assembly process which makes it easier to meet high performance requirements (optional for 800X800 slip table and above).

Medium Pressure T Shaped Bearing for Slip Table from Dongling Technologies USA

Slip Table Options

V – Shaped Bearing Slip Tables

Slip Table Options for V Shaped Bearings for Electrodynamic Shaker

Hydrostatic Bearing and Medium Pressure Bearing Slip Tables

Slip Table Options for Hydrostatic Bearing Type Slip Tables
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