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Head Expanders

Head Expander

In most actual vibration test applications a head expander is required because the specimen or fixture is larger than the electro-dynamic shaker armature head.  In this case a  head expander is fixed to the armature of the shaker.  The head expander provides a broader base for mounting test articles and fixtures or provides the capability to mount multiple test articles and perform vibration tests in the vertical axis simultaneously. The head expander is made of lightweight magnesium or less expensive aluminum and provides an excellent strength to weight ratio. Many types of standardized head expanders can be supplied and special customization is also available to meet your requirements.  Dongling head Expanders are designed with load support which enables larger test articles to be safely mounted to and tested on the shaker which reduces the risk of damage to the shaker suspension system. Replacement or new customized head expanders are available for your existing vibration test systems as well. Stringent requirements are needed for extending or expanding the head with regards to the working frequency, table weight, table acceleration, amplitude uniformity and lateral movement. The HE series head expander has passed finite element modal analysis to ensure the product quality regarding structure, materials and the manufacturing process etc.


Technical Characteristics

  • All head expanders from Dongling  have passed the finite element analysis with optimization treatments done for structure.
  •  High-quality manufacturing process ensures stable performance and good technical indicators.
  •  Standard series head expanders options include shape (round or square) and material (aluminum or magnesium).
  • Custom shapes and sizes are available and our team welcomes the opportunity to work with you and meet your specific needs.
Head Expander from Dongling Technologies -Square Magnesium for electrodynamic shaker
Aluminum square shaped Head Expander for electrodynamic shaker from Dongling Technologies
Round Magnesium Head Expander for electrodynamic shaker from Dongling Technologies
Head Expander for electrodynamic shaker.

Head Expander Options

Head expander options for electrodynamic shaker.
Head expander options for electrodynamic shaker.
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