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Dongling Technologies small shakers or standard vibration shakers have a very wide frequency band available.  Additionally they are  easy to move thanks to their light weight and smaller size.  Typical applications include testing for electronics and other small, light weight test articles as well as other test articles that that require a wide frequency band.  In addition the very small standard shaker is widely used in the calibration of  accelerometers. A standard shaker is also ideal in an education or scientific research laboratory due to its lower cost and wide range of capabilities.

Desktop size electrodynamic shaker and portable amplifier Dongling Technologies

Small Shakers

Sine Force (lbf)1155110
Usable Frequency Range (Hz)DC-10000DC-10000DC-10000
Max. Displacement (inch)0.240.400.24
Max. Velocity (in/s)
Max. Acceleration (g)302530
Max. Load (lbs)
Efective Mass of Moving Elements (lbs)0.332.23.3
First Resonance Frequency (Hz)700070005000
Armature Table Diameter (inch)
Weight (lbs)117788
Dimensions (L x W x H Inches)3.7x3.7x5.112.6x13x12.912.6x13x14.8
Power AmplifierMP-500PA-500PA-1200
Cooling TypeAirBuilt-in BlowerBuilt-in Blower
Power Supply RequirementAC220V ± 10% 50 Hz 600VAAC220V ± 10% 50 Hz 1300VAAC220V ± 10% 50 Hz 1300VA
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