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Cooling Unit

Structure and Characteristics of the Cooling Unit

The CU series cooling unit is a specially designed and manufactured equipment for cooling the water-cooled electrodynamic vibration shaker.
The unit mainly consists of stainless steel or copper pump, stainless steel heat exchanger, water pressure regulating valve, motor-point pressure gauge, flow switch, level alarm switch, water tanks and pipelines.
The main structure of this unit is made of 304 and 316 stainless steel and imported large displacement pump unit with two-stage cooling. An automatic monitoring system is incorporated into the unit and features simple operation, reliable performance and easy maintenance.
Cooling unit protection includes: system protection, low water level detection, external control, external cold water flow, thermal relay protection, armature water flow, armature water pressure, field coil water flow, field coil water pressure, output protection and control power.

Main CU-1, CU-2, CU-3 and CU-4 four kinds of models are for selection.

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