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3 Axis Electrodynamic Shaker
Vibration Test System

The vibration test equipment family of vibration test solutions offered by Dongling Technologies includes the most advanced electrodynamic 3 axis test system in the industry. The solution to the limit of single axis vibration testing is the 3-axis electrodynamic vibration test system from Dongling.  Three shakers are mounted to a single base and sharing a single table on which to mount the test article. One shaker is mounted in the X axis, one in the Y axis and one in the Z axis. With this electrodynamic 3 Axis vibration test system vibration tests can be performed in all three axis’ simultaneously. The only way this test system can work to the test requirements you demand is with the hydraulic orthogonal decoupling bearings adopted for connecting the vibration shakers with the table. This industry leading solution can provide a reliable motion and working environment for a more realistic simulation environment and reduced test time. 3 Axis vibration testing with Dongling’s 3 axis, electrodynamic shaker test systems is being performed in several countries.  The real breakthrough by Dongling is the ability to reach frequencies up to 2000 Hz.  The most typical test modes for 3 axis testing are random and time history playback.  The 3 Axis test solution is particularly effective in these 2 test modes.

The 3 axis electrodynamic test system is not a substitute for 3 axis hydraulic systems.  Hydraulic systems typically focus on low frequency and high displacement testing where as the electrodynamic shaker solution is intended to reach frequencies that can’t be attained by hydraulic systems.  Conversely, the electrodynamic 3 axis test system is probably less well suited for test that require large displacement such as earthquake tests.

If you have been considering a 3 axis solution Dongling will be happy to help you find the right system for your needs.  We can bring you to labs with fully functional 3 axis systems and let you see how your tests might apply and how your system would perform.  Give us a call and we can work together to find your solution.

Watch a Video showing the Dongling 3 Axis Vibration Test System perform a random test.

The video shows the a Dongling, 3 axis, 11,000 lbs. force rated in each axis, electrodynamic shaker perform a random test.  Each axis is running a different random profile.

Image of simultaneous 3 axis shaker

The Dongling Technologies 3 axis vibration test system is the industry leading 3 axis shaker test system and provides the ability to execute a more realistic vibration test. When the test laboratory is limited by single axis shakers, 3 axis testing can only be achieved by running the test in a single axis and then rotating the test article in each of the other 2 axis’ and running the test 2 more times. The real world environment is closer to simultaneous vibration in the X,Y and Z axis’ in combination. 3 Axis vibration test equipment from Dongling Technologies is in use in laboratories around the world.

3 axis electrodynamic shaker in lab

Performance Curves

3 Axis electrodynamicshaker performance graphs.


  • Reduced test time: testing in 3 axis simultaneously can shorten the total test time due to reduced set up time.
  • Reproduce real world environment more accurately.
  • Usable frequency range of up to 2000 Hz or even more. Proven with multiple installed systems.
  • Interlock protection: this safety feature is designed into the system and provides protection in the event that there is a malfunction in any one of the 3 shakers. If that occurs the 2 remaining shakers will stop and thus protect the shakers and the test article.

3 Axis Shaker Test System Size Options

Capabilities vary depending on the size of the shaker system requirements, but many options are available to meet your specifications.  Our experts can help you make the right selection.

Image of 3 axis shaker options

Orthogonal Coupling Bearing Unit (OCBU)

The Dongling 3 axis vibration test system utilizes Orthogonal Coupling Bearing Units which are required to meet the outstanding performance levels of the system.  The high pressure loading of the bearing means there is no metal on metal contact which can cause sticking and binding.  In addition the structure benefits from pre-tightening stiffness.  The optimized coupling structure utilizes FEA to create low mode integrity and has a foundry integrated round shape for support. The coupling has optimized throttle hole distribution to ensure the transmission of force and that the oil film surface has greater stiffness and durability.

Multi Shaker Solutions – More Options

Dongling offers a great many multi shaker and multi axis options.  There are a number of standard offerings  including 2 or 4 post one axis and 6 DOF solutions. In addition we have the ability to create a custom solution system including shakers and fixtures.

4 Post single axis electrodynamic vibration test system Dongling Technologies

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