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Vibration Test Equipment

Wide Range of VibrationTest Equipment

Dongling designs and manufactures leading vibration, shock, environmental, and transportation vibration test equipment. Our industry leading air cooled electrodynamic shakers  and water cooled electrodynamic shakers have incorporated the latest technologies into your vibration shaker table to provide you with dependability and high performance. Shaker equipment from Dongling is not all we offer. With more than 300 products and an unparalleled engineering and technical staff to assist you, we’re ready to help you create a vibration testing solution tailored exactly to your needs.

Custom Vibration Testing Solutions

The diversity and complexity of vibration testing create difficult problems for vibration test laboratories. As the world’s leading provider of vibration test equipment and services, Dongling provides customized and competitive solutions for entire test equipment systems, including solutions for large-load, maximum displacement, 3 axis vibration test system,  dual slip tables and combined vibration and climate testing. Dongling vibration shaker table test solutions will transform your view of traditional equipment capabilities by providing you with the latest technology and manufacturing processes available anywhere in the world.  Dongling products and services are widely used in the fields of aerospace, automotive, aviation, communications, exploration, military, rail, shipping and vibration research. Dongling products and professional support are offered to enhance the reliability and value of our client’s products.

Complete Vibration Test System

Vibration test equipment solutions from Dongling are available as complete, ready to use systems or we can provide individual components to replace or upgrade your existing vibration test equipment components that have failed or are under performing. A typical vibration table testing equipment solution includes the electrodynamic shaker, amplifier, head expander, slip table, blower and a single base for the the shaker and slip table. 

Perform Vibration Tests for many years.

Dongling shaker equipment is designed to serve your needs for many years to come. One of the most important considerations when choosing a vibration test equipment provider is reliability and Dongling listens.  We design and build all vibration testing systems with a focus on performance and reliability. With more than 20 years experience designing and building vibration test equipment Dongling can deliver the system to match your needs. There are many options to meet your current and future needs and our professional staff can assist you in creating the custom system for your requirements.

10 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Vibration Shaker

In order to help you prepare for your shaker purchase we have compiled a list of 10 important things to consider when preparing to purchase an Electrodynamic Shaker.  Preparation is critical to purchasing the correct vibration test equipment for your needs.  Check out our list here.

Electrodynamic Shaker - Vibration Test Equipment - Dongling Technologies
Electrodynamic Shaker vibration test system with convertible slip table Dongling Technologies
Electrodynamic shaker and slip table from Dongling Technologies.
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