Sine Vibration Control Software

Sine Vibration Control Software

Sine Vibration Software and Optional Sine Related Software Details

Sine Vibration Control Software from DTC comes with many standard features you expect to see only in more expensive systems.  In addition the DTC Vibration Control Software has a wide range of options available that can be purchased with your initial hardware solution or easily added at a later date.

Performance Specs

Frequency Range: 1 Hz to 5,000 Hz, high frequency option extends to 51,200 Hz and low frequency option starts from 0.01 Hz.

Sampling Rate: 51.2 kHz, high frequency option extends to 204.8 kHz.

Spectral Resolution: 512 ~ 8,192 Points

Control Dynamic Range: up to 150 dB.

Loop Time: typical 5 ms.

Control Accuracy:±1 dB through a peak-notch with a Q of 50 at 1 octave/min.

Frequency Resolution: as fine as 0.000001  Hz.

Sine Dwell: user specified dwell frequency with duration in cycles or time.

Total Harmonic Distortion Detection: Ability to calculate harmonic distortion.

Sine Related Functions Available

Step Sine

Sweep on a sequence of discrete frequencies at linear or logarithmic frequency step rates.

Resonance Search Track & Dwell

Based on the transfer function of UUT, track and dwell at the resonance frequency point.

Resonance Search

Use Q or amplitude of transmissibility to automatically search for the resonances within a range of frequencies.

Test Parameters

Control Strategies: Weighted Averaging, Minimum and Maximum

Digital Tracking Filter: Fractional band is selectable 1% to 100% of output frequency, or fixed 1 Hz to 1,000 Hz.

Minimum Response Time: Selectable from 0.25 to 50 Cycles

Start Up Mode: Smooth or Fast.

Sweep Type and Rate: linear from 0 to 6,000 Hz/min. or logarithmic from 0 to 100 octaves/min.

Compression Factor: Compression Factor from 1 ~ 1,000 for different profiles.


Safety Parameters

Box-Tolerance: adjust the tolerance bands near an amplitude discontinuity

Open Loop Check: Selectable Standard, Loose or Strict

Channel Maximum Noise: Set the maximum allowable channel noise.

Max System Gain Check: Check System maximum gain value.