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DTC Vibration Controller Software

DTC Vibration Controller and Software Options

Easy to Use!

Full Featured!

DTC Vibration Control Systems provide leading edge instrumentation and software for vibration testing and measurement.  The Venzo 800 Series of vibration controllers have a full range of software applications.  Each vibration controller software application available with the Venzo vibration controller provides the basic functions you expect as well as optional functions you can use to customize your system to your needs.  DTC software combines easy to use operation with rich control functions and outstanding analysis and reporting capabilities. All DTC control systems also come with 3 years of free software updates so you get the latest improvements at no additional cost!

All Software Updates Included Free for 3 Years!

Vibration Control Software For Every User Level

Vibration controllers need to have the ability to perform the full range of vibration tests from simple to very complex. The challenge is to make the software easy enough for a test technician to set up a test without being so complex that the technician is overwhelmed.  DTC Vibration Control Software has conquered that challenge and continues to improve with each software update.

In addition, if your vibration test needs change you can always add additional applications as needed by simply purchasing the software you need and a new software key will be sent enabling the new functions.

Software Options

  • Sine

  • Random

  • Classical Shock

  • Resonance Search and Tracked Dwell

  • Sine on Random

  • Random-on-Random

  • Field Data Replication

  • Step Sine

  • Sine and Random-on-Random

  • Transient Time History

  • SRS

  • Kurtosis Control

  • Sine-on-Sine

  • Limiting and Notching

  • Multivariable Control

DTC Vibration Control System Software Modules
DTC Vibration Controller Random Test

Full Range of Analysis Functions and Auxiliary Tools

  • THD Detection
  • Data Recorder
  • FFT Analysis
  • SRS Analysis
  • FRF
  • Waterfall View
  • Signal Calculation
  • Signal Cache
  • Signal Editor
  • Word/PDF Test Report
  • Email Report
  • Off-line Data Viewer
  • Transient Capture, Force/Deflection Analysis and Shock Response Analysis

3 Years Free Software Updates!

Check out these videos to see the software!

See how user friendly vibration control software can be!

System Setup

Setting Up The Controller

Sine Testing

Setting Up The Controller

Random Testing

Setting Up The Controller

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