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DTC Vibration Control System Hardware

8 Channel Vibration Control System

Dongling Vibration Test System and Vibration Controllers

Dongling vibration test systems are compatible with all vibration controllers. Dongling Technologies USA is committed to assisting you in all your vibration test system needs from amplifier and shaker, to the vibration control system.  A closed loop vibration test system, customized to your needs, is our goal and commitment to you.

Vibration controllers are often provided as part of a total vibration test system package.  Controllers supplied by Dongling Technologies have all the capabilities you might require.  The personnel at Dongling Technologies USA have assisted vibration test laboratories all over the world with the full range of vibration controller purchases for more many years.  Our chief technical support will be provided by Matt Millard.  Matt has more than 12 years experience with assisting customers with their vibration control needs. Prior to assisting customers Matt also operated a test lab for a number of years. Matt has been in hundreds of labs and assisted customers in all industries.

We can make sure you get the controller you need for the job you need to do and within the budget you set. Make sure you know your options.  Don’t purchase more software than you require and make sure you know the costs for software updates, if any, before you make the commitment.  Whether you only need a 2 channel system or 64 or more channels we can help you make the smart purchase. 

Latest Controller Hardware

  • 2~16 Analog input channels
  • 1~2 Drive Channel (can be adopted in 2-axis control application)
  • 450MHz DSP Processing
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet port connecting to PC 
  • -30~70℃Working Temperature
  • No-fans structure to reduce the background noise
  • 160 dB / Octave Anti- aliasing Filter
  • 1 AUX Channel
  • 24-bit ADC/DAC, 130dB dynamic range
  • 8 kHz Sampling Rate, 40kHz Frequency Range
  • 1GB Internal Flash Memory Stores Test Configuration
  • Floating Ground Design Reduces Ground Loop Problems
Vibration Control Systems View of Inputs and Outputs

Controller Hardware Specifications

  • Input: 2 – 64 channels 
  • Input Interface:BNC Connector
  • Input Resolution:24-bit ADC
  • Coupling:AC Gnd, AC Dif, DC Gnd, DC Dif, Charge, IEPE
  • TEDS:IEEE 1451.4 compliant, automatic-reading
  • Anti-aliasing Filter:analog and digital anti-aliasing low-pass filters
  • Input Dynamic Range:135dB
  • SNR:> 100dB
  • Input Voltage Ranges:±10, ±1 or ±0.1 VPEAK
  • Input Impedance:1MΩ(Single-ended)2MΩ(differential)
  • Input Protection Voltage:± 36VPEAK without damage
  • Input Channel Crosstalk:<-100dB@1kHz
  • Amplitude Channel Match: 1 dB
  • Channel Phase Match:better than ±1.0 degree, up to 20 kHz
  • Input Signal Type:Charge, Voltage, High-integrated
  • Input / Output Channel Crosstalk:<-100dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:<-100dB
  • Frequency Accurancy:as fine as 0.000001Hz


  • Output:1~2 Drive Channels
  • 1 AUX Channel:can be adopted in 2-axis control application
  • Output Interface: BNC Connector
  • Output Resolution:24-bit DAC
  • Sampling Rate:204.8kHz
  • Frequency Range:80kHz
  • Dynamic Range:≥108dB
  • Output Voltage Range:10V F.S
  • Max Output Current: 20 mA
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:<-100dB@1kHz
  • PC Configuration:Windows XP/Vista/ 7 /8 Operating System and an Ethernet port.

   Microsoft Word / Excel and PDF are recommended.     

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