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Replacement Amplifiers

Replacement Amplifiers for Electrodynamic Shakers

The advantages and cost savings available in the SDA series power amplifiers are not only available with new test systems. Dongling provides replacement amplifiers for all shaker systems. Replacement amplifiers are an important part of the what we offer to keep your system performing at peak efficiency. We have successfully installed replacement amplifiers on client systems around the world. Dongling has a deep level of experience and knowledge available to match the requirements third-party vibration equipment. Our professional engineering team will ensure that the new amplifier can perfectly match with the existing vibration equipment without loss of performance and without any compatibility risk.
The SDA series Power amplifier has been designed to compatibly replace the old air-cooled and water-cooled vibration equipment systems from different manufacturers. Through the latest technology, the old amplifier with low efficiency can be upgraded to the new SDA series Power amplifier, not only updating the old vibration equipment system but also extending the equipment life.
The SDA series power amplifier is more than 95% efficient, which is almost double the power efficiency of the many older amplifiers. The greatest advantage of the SDA series power amplifier is in the reduced power consumption and related cost savings. SDA Series power amplifiers often provide a 50% reduction in power consumption versus older amplifiers. Larger, water cooled systems can realize additional savings due to a reduction in the load on the cooling tower.  Additional advantages include it’s small footprint and ability to utilize air cooling.

Power Amplifiers for Electrodynamic Shakers
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