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Power Amplifiers - for Electrodynamic Vibration Test Tables

Smart Power Amplifier

SDA Series

The Smart Power amplifier is composed of the logical unit, power unit and control unit  and has the advantages of intelligent manipulation, stability, reliability, flexible configuration, efficient and energy saving, compact structure and easy maintenance.

All of key components are directly supplied by the world-renowned companies such as Siemens, Fairchild, and Mitsubishi for stable and reliable quality.

The amplifier uses a number of power units working in parallel. The system is flexible and can be customized for any vibration test system. The user can increase or decrease the power modules according to the actual capacity without replacing the rack. Each system uses the latest generation IGBT and incorporates soft switching resonant control technology which features a large power margin (single effective peak power is greater than 20kVA),  high conversion efficiency and good electromagnetic compatibility.

The introduction of a smart Power amplifier improves the technological content of the Vibration test system even on older existing vibration test systems and open up a broad range of possibilities.  The SDA Power Amplifier series of amplifiers can upgrade your existing test system and improve power capacity. The use of a power factor compensation device makes our amplifier up to 95% efficient which is more than double older amplifiers. Current sharing technology built into the amplifiers keeps the parallel operation current unbalance to less than 1%.  Sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology provides a high signal-to-noise ratio and low waveform distortion in Dongling amplifiers. Our soft switching resonant control technology offers high conversion efficiency and superb electromagnetic compatibility.

Dongling amplifiers utilize IGBT modules to provide a large power margin.  Single effective peak power is greater than 20kVA. Advantages of IGBT power modules include:

  • High input impedance, small gate-drive power and simple drive circuit design.
  • Fast switching speed and short shut off time.
  • Large range of safe operation.  The power amplifier is protected and is not easily damaged when in use. The current density of IGBT is generally 10 times as high as that of MOSFET. The RDS (on) of IGBT is usually 10% of that of MOSFET.
Power Amplifiers for Electrodynamic Shakers

User Friendly Operation

Man-machine dialog, modular design of the system, easy operation mode, multi language and authority management.

Powerful Function

Externally connect with industrial module, customized multimedia, running log, self protection and platform optimization.

Superior Performance

All digital debugging, low harmonic distortion, good current sharing effect and multi node monitoring.

Easy To Maintain

System self diagnosis, fault log and power unit adopts N+1 mode parallel operation.

Test Security 

Hardware and software dual protection, output force limit, linkage protection and customized other protection needs.

Power Range0.1-1000KVA
Output Voltage120Vrms(rated), 150Vrms(max.)
Input Impedance≥10kΩ
Signal-to-Noise Ratio≥65dB
Harmonic Distortion (resistive load)<1.0% (typical value)
Output Voltage Measurement Error≤1%
Output Current Measurement Error≤1%
Output Current≤4800A (120A step increase)
Output Current Crest Factor≥3
Peak Power of Module Unit≥150% (20kVA)
DC StabilityOutut Terminal Zero Drift ≤50mv/8h
Frequency Response DC~5000Hz±3dB
Medium-Frequency Gain≥80
DC/AC Conversion Efficiency>95%
Nature of the LoadOptional of resistive, capacitive or inductive
Parallel Operation Current Unbalanceness≤1%
Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF)>3000h

Replacement Amplifiers

Bring your vibration test system up to date with the SDA Series replacement amplifiers.

PA and MP Series Amplifiers

PA Series Amplifier for Electrodynamic Shakers

This series is designed for smaller vibration and acoustic test systems. The PA and MP series feature wide frequency response range, good linearity, small waveform distortion and perfect protection function

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