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Combined Vibration and
Environmental Test System

Combined Vibration, Temperature and

Humidity Test System

The integrated environmental testing system is designed to simultaneously test temperature, humidity and vibration.  The combined vibration and environmental test system provides a comprehensive test of vibration and climate and introduces climate and climate change to the specimen while undergoing vibration testing.The test system provides the ability to define and perform tests for each of these elements at the same time. This system is widely used in reliability tests, identification tests and stress screening and often incorporates rapid temperature changes.

To ensure optimal performance of the integrated system we provide each element of the test system and integrate them into a single environmental test system.  Our integration also provides the end user with savings in time, effort and cost and assures the end user that each element will work together.

Performance Characteristics

• Dual refrigeration systems and superior refrigeration performance
• Operating system of the chamber can be dynamically monitored by the computer and automatically started up after power recovery reducing downtime
• Combined testing of vibration, temperature and humidity in a single system
• Advanced touch-screen control for easy editing
• Removable chamber bottom plate provides the ability to connect to a variety of electrodynamic shakers
• Insulated multi-layer observation window to provide an clear view into the chamber

Electrodynamic Shaker with Chamber Dongling Technologies

Main Technical Parameters

Climate Chamber Capacity (L): 225 to 10000

Humidity Range: 20 to 98% R.H.

Temperature Range (C°): -70 to 180

Temperature Change Rate (C°/ min.) 1 – 10

ES Series Shaker Compatable

Typical Applications

Integrated environmental reliability test.

Reliability improvement tests.

Reliability qualification tests.

Product reliability acceptance test.

Routine Tests.

Stress Screening (ESS) tests.

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