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DTC Vibration Control Systems

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Often times vibration control software can be difficult to use or have limited features that make vibration testing setup time consuming and complex.  The DTC Vibration Control System has been designed for the full range of vibration test technicians from beginner to the most sophisticated user. 

Easy to Use

The DTC Controller is very easy to use and the software is designed to make your test setup, execution and reporting problems a thing of the past.  Many default settings only need to be performed one time when you connect to your shaker.  Retrieving a test configuration you have used before is a snap.  Finding and recalling a test you have already performed is as easy as a couple of clicks.  Reports are easy to design and can be automatically generated during or after the test. 

Many Benefits

The DTC Vibration Controller makes your lab more efficient and less likely to have common mistakes cost you time and money. DTC Controllers have all these great, premium features at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay.

Watch Videos

Take a look at some of the videos below to see what you are missing!

Controller Overview

Brief Controller Overview

System Set Up

Setting Up The Controller

Sine Testing Setup

Setting Up A Sine Test

Random Testing

Setting Up A Random Test

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