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Shock Response Spectrum Test System

The shock response spectrum testing machine is used to measure and determine the shock resistance performance of electric and electronic products and assemblies and to assess the functional reliability and structural integrity of the specimen in a shock environment.  The shock response spectrum test machine is a single degree of freedom linear system with a series of natural frequencies.  The system provides a shock with maximum shock response value which means the maximum stress is applied to the product. The result is the shock response spectrum testing machine can better simulate the shock wave and shock energy found in the actual environment.

Functions and Features

  • The control system is Windows based. The ShockDAQ series spectrum control measuring instrument can accurately complete the shock test with the operator entering the angle of impact hammer in the user interface.
  • A Pendulum mechanism is used in a simple structure.
  • Shock energy is infinitely adjustable.
  • The clutch type braking mechanism has a fast reaction and high braking force.
  • The equipment is attached to a single piece base.
  • The system includes memory shock response spectrum.  Shock response spectrum capacity is low. Operator can perform adjustments which will apply to the test report automatically generated after the completion of the test.
Shock Response Spectrum Test Machine


Shock Response Spectrum Test Machine Specs
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