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Pneumatic Zero Drop Tester

The pneumatic zero drop test stand is a newly designed product to meet the needs of the market and is designed according to ISTA packaging test standards.  The system is used to assess the drop bearing capacity of larger packaging products in movement, transportation and handling processes. The test system provides the ability to easily complete drop tests of surfaces, edges and corners from different heights.

Functions and Features

  • Fully automatic computer remote real time control interface provides the ability for the test system to be started by entering simple values by the operator for accurate completion of the test.
  • Multi-stage acceleration consecutive tests can be performed in accordance with requirements of different test specimens.
  • Manual control in the event of no auto control or in the event there is a failure of the auto control.
  • Liquid, gas and power can be supplied to the specimen during the test to provide a realistic state of the specimen while under acceleration testing.
  • Video monitoring can be configured to monitor the performance of the test.
Pneumatic Zero Drop Tester


Pneumatic Zero Drop Tester Specs
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