Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Tester

Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Tester

The Pneumatic horizontal shock test system is used to simulate a shock environment for horizontal emissions tests of  optoelectronic systems and elongated products that cannot be inverted.

Functions and features

• The shock table performs the impact horizontally to ensure high stiffness in the horizontal direction. The system has a very reliable pneumatic brake technology to prevent  secondary rebound of the table and has very little high-frequency clutter.
• All sizes utilize a low-pressure cylinder as the power device. The design is safe, reliable and easy to maintain.
• The Gas-liquid buffer is designed for large scale shock testing and greatly reduces the transmission of the shock to the base and ground which extends the life of the equipment.
• The expansion cylinder which generates the power incorporates a shock overload control and is adjusted with air pressure. The adjustment is fast and convenient has consistent impact repeatability.
• The Shock tester control and measurement controller is integrated into the system for operating interface and measurement.

Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Tester from Dongling Technologies


Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Tester Specs