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Pneumatic Shock/Drop Tester

The Pneumatic vertical shock and bump test system features an advanced design with a high degree of automation, easy to use operation, high performance and low maintenance. This equipment is used for conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, square wave, impact response spectrum function and other shock tests.

Functions and Features

  • The pneumatic shock/drop test system is an air pressure driven device with an efficient design to provide a high degree of reliability.
  • Pollution free – no hydraulic fluid risk
  • Continuous impact test efficiency is greatly improved with a maximum collision frequency of up to 100 times/min.
  • Large pulse width and small overload test is easy to perform.
  • Shock testing with a fast shock rate is available and can replace motor driven or a hydraulic collision table in some cases. Higher reliability and better collision waveform.
  • Shock speed is easily controlled by adjusting the air pressure.
  • The Shock DAQ Series Shock Control and Measurement System can be incorporated into the system for manual shock, continuous shock, single shock and interval shock.
  • The self-buffering base is designed to greatly reduce the shock to the ground and allows the test system to be placed directly on the floor of any standard mechanical industrial plant.


Pneumatic Vertical Shock Tester - Dongling Technologies
Pneumatic vertical shock tester on isolation base - Dongling Technologies


Pneumatic Drop Shock Tester Specs
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