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Plate Rotation Constant
Acceleration Test System

The Arm Rotating type of steady state acceleration test machine is used to determine whether the structural adaptability and performance remain in a good state when components, equipment and other electrical products are subjected to a force (other than gravity) generated from a steady state acceleration(constant acceleration) environment and to evaluate the structural integrity of some components and assess the electrical parameters and function of specimens in a constant acceleration environment.

Features and Functions

  • Fully automatic computer remote real time control interface provides the ability for the test system to be started by entering simple values by the operator for accurate completion of the test.
  • The control interface can display test curves, tolerances and test time in real time.
  • Multi-stage acceleration consecutive tests can be performed in accordance with requirements of different test specimens.
  • Provides open-circuit, over limit and over speed protections.
  • Manual control in the event of no auto control or in the event there is a failure of the auto control.
Plate Rotating Constant Acceleration Testing Machine Dongling Technologies


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