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Hydraulic Vertical Shock Tester

The hydraulic vertical shock tester is used to simulate the shock applied on the product in the actual environment in order to assess the functional reliability and the integrity of the structure of the product in a shock environment. This equipment is used for conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, square wave and shock response spectrum function and other impact tests.

Functions and Features

  • Multi-rack guide columns with high strength and noise free hydraulic balance lifting system for stable lifting.
  • Advantages of the cast aluminum-magnesium alloy table include high stiffness and low levels of high-frequency clutter.
  • Built-in hydraulic braking mechanism has high braking force to effectively prevent secondary rebound.
  • The digital lift height feedback control system ensures the repeatability of the shock.
  • The self-buffer base is designed to greatly reduce the shock to the ground and can be placed directly on the floor of a standard mechanical industrial plant.


Vertical Shock Tester - Hydraulic - Dongling Technologies


Hydraulic Vertical Shock Specs
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