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Horizontal Spectrum Shock Composite Tester

The Horizontal Spectrum Shock Composite Test system is used to perform horizontal shock tests and shock response tests.  It is mainly applied in the horizontal plane and used for anti-explosion and anti-knock erformance tests of mechanical-electrical products used in aerospace, aviation and ships.

This test system performs high energy shock tests and a special foundation is required to provide seismic isolation from nearby structures.

Functions and Features

  • Fully automatic control. Requires only simple input values to accurately perform required tests.
  • Shock energy is automatically controlled by the controller to provide accurate and repeatable tests.
  • The test system can display both time domain curves and other relevant response spectrum curves.
  • Driven by low pressure air which  makes the system safe, reliable and easy to maintain.
  • The composite test stand provides the ability to perform horizontal shock tests and shock response spectrum tests on a single base.
  • Multiple safety features including electric control and software interlock protections combined with mechanical limitations ensure safety during testing.
  • The shock energy can be adjusted by changing the air pressure which is convenient and easy to repeat.
  • The system contains default settings for related standards.
  • Integrated design of control and measurement software. Easy to control combination of functions and intuitive operation.
  • Complete functions for measurement software and highly compatible with related software.
Horizontal Spectrum Shock Composite Test System


Horizontal Spectrum Shock Composite Specs
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