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Drop Tester

The free drop test stand is mainly used to simulate the fall and impact performance of  larger and heavier packaging products in order to measure the impact of the fall on the surfaces, edges and corners of the specimen. The equipment is mainly used to assess the drop bearing capacity of the packaging products in the transportation and handling process and to improve the performance the packaging design.

Functions and Features

  • The system has upper and lower displacement limits for safety and reliability.
  •  Lifting height can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the needs of different users.
  •  Drop test stand utilizes a double-rail guidance device for stable and reliable lifting operation.
  •  The test stand can perform clamping fall tests for surface, edge and corners of specimen in different directions.
  •  The test stand be placed on any flat surface and requires no special installation.
Drop Testers combined


Drop Tester Specs
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