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High Energy Shock Test Systems

The high energy shock testers are used to perform standard strong shock tests. The primary usage is to simulate shock from an explosive environment on components used in aerospace, aviation and ships to test anti-explosion and anti-knock performance of test specimens.
The high shock energy test system requires a special foundation and needs to be seismically isolated from surrounding structures.

Features and Functions

  • Fully automatic control. Requires only simple input values to accurately perform required tests.
  • Shock energy is automatically controlled by the computer with accuracy and good repeatability.
  • The system can display both time domain curves and other relevant response spectrum curves.
  • Multiple safety precautions are incorporated into the system.
  • Reliable bumper which meets absorption and buffering requirements for different shock energy levels.
  • Complete measurement system incorporates tolerances for related standards. Easy to adjust and apply test profile. Automatic test report generation.
  • Integrated design of control and measurement software. Easy to control combination of functions and intuitive operation.


High Energy Shock Specs
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