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Fundamental Elements of an
Electrodynamic Shaker Test System

The diagram below shows you a typical closed loop vibration shaker system.  These are the fundamental elements of a vibration test system. Each element in the diagram is required for a comprehensive vibration test table.  The fundamental elements of an electrodynamic vibration test system all work together to allow you to meet the requirements in your test profile.  Dongling Technologies has recently introduced new and more energy efficient amplifiers to help reduce energy consumption which is a major operating cost of any electrodynamic shaker test system. Please see our How to Size Your Electrodynamic Shaker page for important information on the appropriate shaker model for your test profiles. All of the components are available from Dongling USA.

Fundamental Elements of a Vibration Test System

The fundamental elements of a vibration shaker test solution in the diagram above are for a basic system.  It is not uncommon to integrate an environmental chamber or other complementary equipment to provide more comprehensive testing.  We can help you make the right selection to provide a more comprehensive test solution.

Let us help you design a custom solution for your test requirements. Feel free to call or click the contact us button to email your request.

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