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Dongling Technologies

Dongling Technologies Factory Suzhou China

The Dongling Technologies manufacturing facility is located in Suzhou, China in the New High Tech District area.  The Suzhou New High Tech District and surrounding area is home to manufacturing facilities of more than 100 multi national companies in the Fortune 500 and more than 30 of the Fortune 500 have established R&D centers. The Suzhou area has grown rapidly over the last 25 years as manufacturers from around the world have invested billions of dollars in facilities and equipment.  As a result, the manufacturers in the Suzhou New High Tech District have made this area a leading center for exported products in all of China. Suzhou is approximately a 1 hour drive from Shanghai and is an area of China that hosts a large number of manufacturing facilities.

Electronics and communications products are the largest single category  of manufactured output from the Suzhou area while electrical and machinery account for a substantial amount of output as well.

The U.S. is the leading export destination of Suzhou output accounting for about 25% of exports from Suzhou manufacturing.

Dongling Technologies Headquarters and Manufacturing
Factory Aerial Northern View

Dongling Technologies moved into its current facility in the New and High Tech Industrial Development zone in April 2008. This is the 6th location since inception in 1995.  The current facility consists of more than 375,000 square feet.  The facility in Suzhou is home to administration, manufacturing and assembly, research & development, a test center with a full range of test equipment to serve customers and shipping and packaging.  Due to the rapid growth and the success of Dongling products around the world additional expansion is in the works. In 2016 Dongling added more than 200,000 sq. feet of production space to meet worldwide demand for it’s products.

Manufacturing and assembly of vibration shaker tables, slip tables, shock machines and many other reliability and durability test equipment is all performed in our facilities.

In addition to the headquarters in Suzhou, Dongling has affiliate operations in a number of cities around China as well as offices in the United States and Italy.

Factory view of Dongling Technologies Headquarters

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