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Dongling Technologies USA, LLC

Check out these important things to consider before purchasing your electrodynamic shaker.

Why Choose Dongling USA?

Combining the best of industry leading innovation with the best  manufacturing practices, Dongling Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of vibration, shock and shake testing machinery. With the most extensive lineup of vibration testing solutions and products in the industry and an industry-best lead time of 16 weeks or less, we not only are able to specify a vibration test solution best suited to your needs, but we’re able to ensure that you’re able to meet your testing objectives on time and on budget. Take a look at the wide range of electrodynamic shakers, shock test systems and other vibration test equipment and related test solutions available from Dongling Technologies.

Dongling vibration test equipment solutions include electrodynamic shakers in a wide range from small desktop modal shakers to the industry leading 112,400 force pound rated shaker. We offer air cooled electrodynamic shakers up to 15,400 force pound rating and water cooled electrodynamic shakers for larger applications. More complex test requirements demand our 3 axis electrodynamic shaker test system or one of our many multi shaker solutions. We are happy to assist you with a complete solution or just replacing and upgrading individual components like replacement amplifiers or slip tables. Armature repairs, fixture design and even complete system upgrades are offered by our trained technicians.

For laboratories that require shock and drop testing we offer a full range of shock and drop test systems.  Pneumatic or hydraulic assisted shock testers and a wide range of specialty shock testing solutions are all available from Dongling Technologies.

Why settle for less? Explore our testing solutions and then give us a call. With more the support of more than 100 technical staff and an expert US team, we’re here to serve you.

Electrodynamic Shakers & Vibration Testing

Electrodynamic Shakers & Vibration Testing
Check out the wide range of vibration testing solutions available.

Shock Testing Equipment

Shock Testing Equipment
Shock Testing solutions include drop, incline and many more options.

Dongling USA provides comprehensive testing solutions for every industry

Automotive Factory



Whether you need to test a single component or  a complete assembly Dongling Technologies offers a solution that will meet your requirements.  Electrodynamic vibration test systems can also be combined with a climatic chamber for a complete solution.

Numerous shock testing options are also available including drop shock, incline impact and many other solutions.

Image of Satellite



Dongling has provided solutions to Aerospace companies around the world.  Whether the test is for satellite, rocket components or any other article we have the solution for you.  Additionally, a combined pressure and temperature chamber solution is available should you need to do combined testing.

Dongling Technologies Aviation Industry



Dongling has provided manufacturers and suppliers of aircraft and aircraft parts around the world with testing systems to meet the requirements the customer demands.  Whether the test requires only 1 axis or multiple axis testing we have the solution for you.


Other Industries


Dongling test equipment is in service in test labs in many industries. Our test equipment is in use with many independent test labs, military and defense labs, rail and ship manufacturers, medical research, electronics and many more industries.  Let us help you fulfill your requirements.

Our Services

1. Specifying Your Testing Solution

We are ready to work with you to find the best solution to your test requirements.  Whether you want to perform only shaker table vibration or no matter how broad your vibration testing equipment needs, we will work together to find the right equipment in your budget that satisfies your needs, but also considers what your potential requirements might be so you have a long term solution.

2. Manufacturing

We manufacture your vibration testing equipment to order with the highest tolerances and accuracy within the industry. Custom design and manufacturing to meet your unique requirements is available directly from our manufacturing facilities and performed by our engineering team.

3. Delivery and Installation

Your equipment will be delivered to your location and installation will be provided by factory trained technicians.

4. Support

Dongling Technologies has more than 50 specialists, professors and academicians that can help your engineers and technicians to make a system selection, help solve test problems, perform vibration and shock fixture design and manufacturing or customize the test equipment solution to help you do your job.

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