ESD Exciter – Modal Exciter

Typical Applications

The modal shaker is a micro-vibration shaker featuring wide bandwidth, high efficiency, stable and reliable performance. Modal shakers are widely used in aerospace, military, communications, automotive, electronics, household appliances and other areas for modal and structural analysis. Also, this micro-vibration shaker is widely used in education and scientific research and laboratory work.

Performance Characteristics

• EUP-100D blower cooling
• Permanent magnet structure
• Wide frequency band
• High stability and reliability
• Compact structure and light weight
• Very high first-order resonance frequency
• Energy efficient

Wide band
Max. range of frequency available for the table body is 5~4000Hz.

Permanent Magnet Structure
Permanent magnet structure is utilized on the miniature vibration shaker in order to maximize the magnetic field strength while minimizing the volume and provide high energy utilization efficiency. The permanent magnet structure does not require the Power amplifier to supply the excitation power, simplifying the structure and significantly reducing heat generation.

Modern Assembly Line
Dongling established a modern assembly process to specially assemble this precision modal exciter in order to achieve large-scale, efficient and quality production. These advanced production lines can meet the demands of the world markets. At the same time the assembly line production process reduces costs which we can pass on to our customers.  The performance and product quality of the modal exciter is far superior to those from other manufacturers thanks to Dongling’s excellent quality control system.

Modal Exciter - Electrodynamic from Dongling Technologies
MP Series Amplifier from Dongling Technologies

Modal Shaker Models

Sine Force (flb)11335599220
Usable Frequency Range (Hz)DC-20000DC-15000DC-10000DC-6000DC-6000
Max. Displacement (inch)
Max Velocity (in/s)6363636347
Max. Acceleration3045100100100
Armature Mass (lbs)0.350.77112.2
Weight (lbs)6.633555588
Dimensions (LxWxH inch)5.2x5.2x69.4x6x8.69.4x6x8.69.3x7.5x10.211x11x13.7
Power Amplifier ModelMP-500MP-500MP-500PA-1200PA-2000
Cooling TypeBuilt-in BlowerAir AirAirBuilt-in Blower
Power Supply RequirementAC 220V± 10% 50Hz 500VAAC 220V± 10% 50Hz 1300VAAC 220V± 10% 50Hz 2100VA
Working Environment RequirementTemperture Range 0-40° C,
Humidity <80%